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Why We Pay More

Everyone wants to get the most money when they are selling something, and that is something that we know.  But before we explain why we are able to offer you so much money for your watch, we want to tell you about our company.  We have been in this business since 1976.  In the nearly 40 years that we have been in business, we have created an impressive list of contacts to ensure that we are able to give you the best possible price.  We also have a lot of experience.


There are a number of reasons why we are able to pay more for your watch.

  • We are constantly educating our staff about the newest trends in the business and about any problems that they may encounter.
  • Our margin is low and our volume is high.
  • We are busy with hundreds of transactions each month, meaning that we are able to give you the best price for your watch.  In some months, it’s not unusual for us to do a thousand or more.  This allows us to give you more money than those companies which only do a few transactions each month.

We know that holding power is essential when you are selling luxury goods.  Liquidating goods means that we will get less money for the watches. But the watches we purchase from customers are put into our inventory and we hold them until the right buyer comes along.  This allows us to give you more money when you sell your watch to us, since we don’t believe in liquidating.


Here is an example so that you can see how this works. A certain type of Rolex Submariner might sell for $4500 retail, $4000 wholesale, and $3500 liquidation price.  As you can see, there’s $1000 difference just based on the holding power of the owner.  Instead of buying that watch for $3000 from an individual, and selling it for $3500 on liquidation, we are able to buy it for above liquidation price, and sell for retail or near-retail price.

Our Repair Facility

Many people are looking for ways to get a little extra money, and a popular way to do that is through selling their broken or unwanted jewelry, like watches.  Unfortunately, it’s hard to know how to choose the right company.


If you are looking for somewhere to sell your old or broken watch, we are the best place to choose. Why? You should choose us because we are different.


There are three big things that make us different from the other places

  • We are the only watch buyer online that has our own repair facility.
  • We have three watchmakers working for us full time and one watch polisher working for us full-time, five days a week.
  • We pay a lot more money than other places for your watch, meaning more money in your pocket!

So, how is it that we are able to pay more money for your watches, even though they are broken? The reason is simple – we have people working for us that are able to take your old watch and make it look like new.  That old watch that you sell to us will look beautiful and be brought up to factory specifications before it finds a new home. operates heavily as a retail watch buyer working directly with the consumer, but that’s just half of our business.  The other half of our business is operating as a wholesale watch buyer and wholesale watch seller.  We buy from hundreds of independent stores and watch dealers as well.  As a buyer and seller of watches, we know that to get the most money out of your watch. We do this through making your watch look new.


Other dealers continue to sell their pieces as used watches. But because we have an in-house repair facility, we are able to make most of our watches look like brand new before we re-sell them.  We run hundreds of watches through our hands each month. Each of those watches is refurbished, meaning that we get more money when we sell them. This in turn enables us to pay you more money than other companies for your old watch.