Unlimited Buying Power

As one of the best watch sellers in the business, we understand that it’s really important for us to keep cash on hand.  We want you to know that it’s not impossible for us to make big purchases. We have a volume monthly of more than $1,000,000.  That means that we always have a lot of money on hand when a big purchase becomes available.  We have purchased watches for more than $100K, $200K, and even more.


If you have a watch that is very expensive, you want to sell it to someone who can actually give you the money for the watch you are selling them.  There are many sellers who are going to pre-sell the watches before you are paid. We are not one of those sellers.

For example, say you send a watch to a dealer who is unable to give you the money up front for that.  You would have to wait for that person to pre-sell the watch before you are paid.  The person who buys your watch is making the most amount of profit, the dealer to whom you sold it is going to make money, and you are not going to get much at all.  That’s not fair to you and that is why we don’t operate that way.


Whether your watch sells for $1,000 or $1,000,000, you can be certain that you will be given the money right away for your watch.  You never have to wait and you will get your money right away. This is why we are among the top buyers of luxury watches in the United States.


I was impressed with cashforwatches.com and their prompt service... I sent my watch overnight and got paid at 5pm the following day. Their offer was $450 more than the highest offer I got locally. I am really happy with my experience and have already told my friends about you guys!

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I came across cashforwatches.com on google. I sent a message over at night and they responded the following day even though it was a holiday. I described my watch, they asked a few more questions, and told me my watch was something they'd definitely be interested in. I sent my watch along with one of my wife's watches she doesn't wear and was paid by paypal (my request) so I could buy another watch I wanted on ebay. They asked me to write a review telling my experience so here it is. I hope this helps guys.

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